Deciding Which Debt Management Plan Provider Is Best For You

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Individuals with unmanageable levels of debt may opt for a DMP to assist them with this issue. The individual can communicate with all their creditors directly or can use a professional intermediary from a debt management plan provider to negotiate with creditors in their place. Debt management plan operators vary and one might be more appropriate for you than another. It’s important that you take into account all your choices before deciding on one provider.

A lot of advertising and promotion of DMP services can be found online, on TV or the radio or in the printed media. When it comes to offline marketing much of this promotion is actually paid for by some very sizeable DMP companies. Large commercial DMP operators may be seen to offer some advantages to clients. They often have creditor liaison teams that grasp creditor requirements. Furthermore they tend to be quite heavily automated which, where operated correctly, have the potential to quicken the transferral of information and payment between the individuals involved.

A possible disadvantage of a bigger DMP company is that there could be different departments that handle each section of your DMP. Consequently you might not have a personal rappourt with your provider and they might be less supportive of your individual requirements. Smaller operators may give you consistency if you are continually communicating with the same person, enabling you to build relationships.

Two very big “free-to-client” debt management plan companies also exist in the market. These businesses are paid by creditors rather than the client themselves. As a DMP requires full repayment of the debt in the end, preserving the practitioner cost every month could minimise the length of the debt management plan. Many people will believe this to be advantageous and in their interests. Both of the well-known “free-to-client” debt management plan providers are also very large in size. This possibly exposes them to similar continuity of contact issues explored when discussing sizeable commercial DMP companies previously.

As well as a few very large DMP operators there are also lots of medium-sized providers. These operators have the potential offer greater personalisation of service as there are less employees handling less cases. There is also likely to be reduced staff rotation meaning you are always in communication with the same people. It is suggested that you select a provider that spends money on their employees, making sure they gain professional training and qualifications. A company that is a member of a DMP trade association will also be a sensible option.

“One-man-bands” are also out there trading in DMPs. Many of these are in fact mortgage brokers trying to cover a gap in their earnings created by the credit crunch. You should try to keep in mind that the education and qualifications required to be a mortgage broker doesn’t provide any definitive skills or knowledge relevant to delivering expert debt advice or a professional DMP.

Be very wary also of DMP “franchises”. These are normally national brands that have traded territories to local operators. Due to the increased number of layers in their DMP service structure they might charge excessive fees for the set-up of a debt management plan. In most cases these excessive DMP fees have no subsequent benefit to the client whatsoever.

The debt management plan forum we operate offers a brilliant insight into the different types of DMP provider. Experts are available from a panel of DMP companies to respond to any questions that you may have when researching what type of debt management plan provider will be the most suitable for you. Many other resources are also accessible at our debt management plan forum which will be of value to anybody weighing up their debt solution options.

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